HUB Food Philosophy

We are a oceanside Bistro, serving easy to share dishes in a relaxed atmosphere,
all with a gorgeous view.

Inspired by the flavours of Italy, the South of France and the Middle East, and our favourite food place, Japan, we take fresh and high quality ingredients, combine talent and time, to create dishes that are both satisfyingly familiar and unique. All our dishes are house made and we like to evolve, going with the seasons and putting new dishes on the menu every day (depending on what our farmers bring us :). We want to surprise you with new ideas, while making sure you have a wonderful experience.

And a wee word about takeout. We do flatbreads for takeout, but anything else is best to enjoy with us in house. We have stainless steel tiffins for purchase, but we respectfully refrain from providing boxes and such that ultimately end up in the landfill. Many of our guests are bringing their own reusable containers just in case they get excited and order too much :)

We accept credit card and debit payments.
(no cash unfortunately as there is no bank on Pender)

​​​Sample Lunch Menu
(we are always adding new fresh ideas)

Brunch items

Brunch bowl

Flatbread examples

Roasted mushrooms on hummus
Pesto hummus, caramelized onions, artichoke
Spinach, feta, tomato

Pastas of the day

Mushroom gnocchi
Lemon olive spaghetti
Spicy tomato


Salads etc

Blue Rocket

Arugula, blue cheese, pickled beet and candied walnuts

Chef's Salad

Leafy greens, feta, toasted almonds, with cucumber and green apple

Fresh soup of the day



Potato Wedges


Roasted BC spuds served with HUB spice mayo, cheese, or spicy blue cheese


Sample Weekend Menu (always evolving)

Noodle Bar


Cream Mushroom Pasta

topped with oyster mushrooms


Classic or Katsu (with pankoed Portobello)

HUB Pasta

Carrot & Zucchini ribbons, lemon, garlic on tagliatelle


spicy tomato sauce

Appetizer Dips

Babaganoush, Hummus, or Tzatziki

Salads and wedges as above




Old World

Premier BC

Beer, on tap and by the bottle

Italian style coffees (dine in only)