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We source many of our ingredients from local Pender producers like Wilder Wood, Braeloch, and Mycro Mushroom Farm, and we make everything in house, from mayo to focaccia and pastas. And we change with the seasons 

Mother's Day Tasting Menu


Amuse Bouche

Wilderwood Leek Soup

Asian Greens Salad

Miso Baked Mushroom | Beluga Lentil

Roast Asparagus Risotto

Both Vegan and Vegetarian versions

Wine Pairing $29


Sample Dinner Menu


Antipasti plate

Weekly Gyoza (v)

Weekly Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake)

Spinach Feta Pide (Turkish Flatbread)

Roast Asparagus (V. GF)

Seasonal local vegetables

Heirloom tomato bruschetta



House olive focaccia, beet hummus, roast almonds, goat cheese, Wilderwood greens

 Weekly Frittata (GF)

 Warm Salad (V, GF)

Kale., roast vegetables, marinated tofu, winter greens

Mushroom Gnocchi

Handmade potato gnocchi, roast mushroom velouté, sauteed Pender grown Exotic Mushroom

Crispy Polenta (V, GF)

Roast exotic mushroom, artichoke cream, beluga lentil

Vegan Cacio et Pepe Pasta (V)

Cashew cream, cracked pepper, nutritional yeast, lemon


Callebaut Flourless Chocolate Cake

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