The HUB philosophy

We are a ocean-side Bistro, serving easy to share dishes in a relaxed atmosphere, all with a lovely view.


​​Inspired by the flavours of Italy, the South of France and the Middle East, we take fresh and high quality ingredients, combine talent and time, to create dishes that are both satisfyingly familiar and unique. All our dishes are house made and we cook with the seasons. Every day has a new special, depending on what Pender Island farmers bring us.

A word about takeout. We do flatbreads for takeout, but anything else is best to enjoy with us in house. We have stainless steel tiffins for purchase, but we respectfully refrain from providing boxes and such that ultimately end up in the landfill. Many of our guests are bringing their own reusable containers just in case they get excited and order too much :)


The Founding HUBsters are designers in one form or another. They love the design process of trying out ideas, getting them right through iteration, and making them happen. And they want to help others to do the same through HUB.

They see HUB as a platform for all of us to get together, collaborate, discuss, learn, make things happen and have fun doing so. Especially when it comes to local farmers.

And, we believe in a living wage for our team. That's why we have a counter service approach, so we can invest where it counts, in our talented team and quality ingredients.

We accept credit card and debit payments.

Core Values

Creativity: make ideas happen

Collaboration: 1 +1 = 3


Sustainability: future focus, living wages